WINNER: Tearaway
Tearaway is a unique handheld game unlike anything I have played before. In terms of graphics, the world of Tearaway is crafted from paper (including all the characters), an approach I have not seen before. The story is personal and deep, and the gameplay is fun. Tearaway has my handheld game of the year award for sure!

RUNNER-UP: Pokemon X & Y
The Pokemon games have been going for a long time and are a much-loved series. Pokemon X and Y made some of the biggest changes to the formula since Red and Blue but the core experience remained unchanged. The improvements enhanced the game immensely, and for that reason, X and Y have been called the best since the originals. It was a close call, however, we decided Tearaway was too unique and creative to relegate to runner-up.

We would also like to make special mention to Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy, which was another excellent handheld release for this year and is another of our runner-up selections.

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