As we stated in our Game of the Year choice, The Last of Us would have also been game of the year had we been able to pick two, however, GTA V is multi-platform which, in the end, is the only factor which allowed us to make it our GOTY 2013 winner. The Last of Us is just as highly regarded, and is a crucial play for all Playstation 3 owners!

RUNNER-UP: NI NO KUNI – Wrath of the White Witch
I fell in love with Ni No Kuni upon playing it earlier this year. The beautiful animation (provided by the experience Studio Ghibli) was one of the reasons for this, as I am very partial to cartoon style animation. In addition to this, the story is a charming one and the score and gameplay are outstanding. This is another PS3 game you should certainly experience!

We would also like to make special mention to Beyond: Two Souls and Puppeteer, both of which were excellent PS3 exclusives, the latter being extremely fun for the entire family and the former being a unique storytelling experience.

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