WINNER: Resogun
Resogun is an intruiging, unique side scrolling shoot ’em up developed exclusively for the Playstation 4. Jaw-dropping graphics and physics accompany the fun, addictive gameplay to make the game, in my opinion, the best overall title on the system at launch. Even better, it was made available free of charge at launch to all Playstation Plus subscribers. This, along with the unique ideas which went into its development, wins Resogun the award of best PS4 launch title.

RUNNER-UP: Assassins Creed IV – Black Flag
Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag has a fantastic story; different to previous games in the series. It takes a different outlook, focusing on pirates, and this pays off by creating something enjoyable and fresh. The graphics on the PS4 version are phenomenal, and the sound is just as high quality. However, Resogun is exclusive and free on Playstation Plus for launch month, landing it just that bit higher than ACIV: Black Flag. Despite this, you should definitely pick up Black Flag, it is a great game.

We would also like to make special mention to LEGO: Marvel Super Heroes, NFS: Rivals and Killzone: Shadow Fall all of which are also excellent launch titles for the system.

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