EA released quite a few trailers for upcoming games at this years Gamescom, so lets take a look at all of them.

Shadow Realms is an all new IP from developer Bioware that’s set to be an online PC multiplayer game with a call-back to RPG tabletop gameplay. You and up to 3 other friends take on the shadowlord, another player-controlled character that acts as a sort of dungeon-master summoning enemies and setting off traps.

No release date as of yet but the game promises to have class-based co-op asymmetrical multiplayer with stellar storytelling on top.

Battlefield Hardline made an appearance during EA’s Gamescom conference with a couple new details about the game. 2 new modes were announced including “Hotwire” which involves shooting out the windows on your opponents vehicle and “Rescue” mode where each player and has one life and is ESports focused.

Originally set to release in 2014, Battlefield Hardline will now be out early 2015.

EA showed off a whole 6 minutes of FIFA 15 gameplay during it’s Gamescom conference. Some of the new improvements coming to FIFA 15 is improved goalkeeper AI, improved online matchmaking, the ability to loan players and many other features. FIFA 15 is due out 26th of September.

Lastly, EA had an impressive Dragon Age gameplay trailer showing off many features of the game. Some notable ones include the ability to have up to 9 companions, learn over 200 spells and customize your own stronghold. Aaryn Flynn, one of the general mangers at Bioware revealed that there will be over 150 hours of gameplay available.

Dragon Age is set to release November 18th.