The great famine may have hit us hard back in the 1800’s, but now Ireland faces a new problem: a drought of decent cons to attend. Geeks across Ireland cried out in pain when Eirtakon closed its doors last year, concerned that their days of nerding-out in public spaces was to become a thing of the past. Was this the final nail on the con-culture coffin for Ireland?

Well move over fan-run conventions because theres a new kid on the block: GamerCon!

Started by Irish Entrepreneur Ferdi Roberts, GamerCon is a brand new Irish convention that is expected to host a modest 20,000 gamers from all corners of Ireland. Despite the staggering amount of attendees for its 1st ever year, GamerCon hopes to capture the heart & soul of smaller conventions, as advertised on RTE/TV3/Billboards all across Dublin.

A multitude of gaming stars from YouTube are set to attend GamerCon. Ali-A, known for his diverse videos about Call of Duty is set to headline the main stage, so you just know he’s gonna pwn some noobies. JeromeASF is taking a break from his busy schedule of uploading quality gaming videos 3 times every single day to come hang out with fans at GamerCon. Or maybe you’re a big fan of Uberdanger, the jokester that makes League of Legends montages and funny pranks like the Jägerbomber.

If you’re more into the music side of things, Irish band All Tvvins will be playing sets on both days of the convention. Members Lar Kaye and Conor Adams are big into the world of gaming, as seen by their music being featured in the soundtracks of both FIFA 16 & Pro Evolution 17. All Tvvins hopes to bring a live element to GamerCon, something unheard of in conventions past.

Maybe you think you’re the best gamer in all of Ireland? Why don’t you put your money where your mouth is and enter one of GamerCon’s Esports tournaments? Ranging from Street Fighter to League of Legends to Rocket League, its clear GamerCon is putting the G in MLG. All you need to enter is your standard day ticket + a separate purchase of an Esports ticket and you’re ready to go! If you need more information on the rules or format of each tournament, I highly recommend that you check out GamerCon’s Esports page here. As stated on the Counterstrike tournament info: “Whip out those dank memes and keep those tops on, its fragging time!!

If Esports sounds a little too hardcore for you, there is always the Gamerzone. With 800 gaming setups, you can guarantee that no type of gaming will be left behind. Console gaming? Its there. PC gaming? 100% there. Mobile gaming? You better believe its there. Even the Playstation VR, Sony’s hottest virtual reality headset that was released only last October is going to be there. In the words of Jaden Yugi from Yugioh GX: “Get your game on!

So if you would consider yourself a gamer and you enjoy going to cons, GamerCon just might be the expo for you. More details can be found at GamerCon’s website.