Revealed for the first time at this years Gamescom, Metal Gear: Survive takes place before Metal Gear Solid 5 and after Kojima’s departure of Konami.

If you only watch the first 30 seconds of the trailer you could be forgiven in thinking that this addition to the Metal Gear franchise might have potential. Playing as one of Big Boss’s countless unnamed soldiers and seeing the man himself from a different perspective could be interesting. Graphics look almost identical to that of MGS5 and it wouldn’t be surprising if Konami are re-using the Fox engine which was used to great effect in 5. And hey, Miller is there! Who doesn’t like Miller?

But then a wormhole opens up and sucks up the unnamed solider as well as all of my enthusiasm for this game.

It’s not like the original metal gear didn’t get absolutely zany at some points. You could take pictures of a pants-less goon in the 2nd one. You collected cartoon frog statues in the 3rd one. You could make most of the bosses in 4 dance and pose seductively for you. But none of these had that much of an impact on the overall plot of each game. The biggest “zany” major plot points in previous games featured enemies having mystical powers. I’m willing to suspend my disbelief for small things like that, but when a wormhole opens and swallows up Big Boss’s old base, you’ve lost me. I see a lot of people jumping on the point that the main enemies in Metal Gear: Survive seem to be zombie-like creatures which has been overdone to death, but these creatures were featured in 5, albeit a small role. Wormholes were featured in 5 as a high-level unlockable skin for your fulton recovery system, and acted as a goofy and non-canon way of transporting soldiers. Did Konami not get the joke?

Metal Gear: Survive is set to have a 4 player co-op campaign, featuring “new weaponry” with a “fresh take on the series famed stealth elements”. Expect it out 2017 if all the initial fan backlash doesn’t cause them to cancel it.