Here are the biggest news stories from the latest Nintendo Direct:


Little Mac Joins the Fray

Little Mac, the main character from the Punch Out! series has been officially revealed as a playable character for the new Super Smash Bros coming to the Wii U. Judging from his character reveal trailer, Little Mac seems to be a mostly close combat character with certain unique features including a ‘Power Meter’ that’s yet to be explained.

Little Mac’s reveal trailer can be found here.


Mario Kart 8 Gets a Date

May 30th has been announced as the release date of Mario Kart 8 for the Wii U. Also announced for the upcoming Mario Kart game is that the Koopalings, (Bowser’s Children) will be playable. Considering the massive success of Mario Kart for the Wii, could this game be the system seller for Nintendo?


Wii U Breathes New Life into Game Boy Advance Games

One of the major announcements was that Game Boy Advance games will soon be available to download on the Wii U Virtual Console. The first batch of games include “Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga” and “Metroid Fusion” to name a few. Fingers crossed we see a Legend of Zelda or Pokemon GBA game popping up soon.


New Legendary Pokemon In X/Y

In news related to Nintendo, The Pokemon Company officially announced that a new Legendary Pokemon by the name of ‘Diancie’ will be appearing soon in Pokemon X/Y. While this was recently announced, it’s not exactly a surprise as hackers previously discovered unused code in Pokemon X/Y and were able to piece together information about Diancie before the official release. (As well as other unannounced pokemon)

Diancie’s official release trailer can be found here.