Housemarque, creators of the popular Super Stardust and Dead Nation titles, have announced a new PS4 exclusive called RESOGUN. RESOGUN is a shooter, with a bit of a twist and funky graphics on the side. Housemarque became known for Super Stardust’s stunning visuals at the PS3 launch, with many critics feeling it was the best looking launch title.

Here is what HOUSEMARQUE have to say about the game…

“RESOGUN is an intense, fast-pace shooter that expands our love for the genre and represents a sort of culmination of all our expertise, both technical and gameplay-related. The cylindrical gameplay is closer to old school 2D shooters, and one interesting side effect of that is that the world has gravity now. You actually expect things to fall down, there are ground enemies… these elements completely change the playfield compared to the Stardust series.

If you were wondering if this is a traditional twin stick shooter… the answer is “no”. We did experiment with this but soon found that adding the horizontal-only constraint for the ship arsenal created a better gameplay experience.

It’s not all destroying everything that moves though. On top of shooting down the enemy forces players get to rescue small dudes trapped by the invading alien swarm: freeing them will release power ups and shields, and that adds a lot of strategy to the game. There will also be a bunch of different ships, co-op multiplayer, plus a ton of things that we can’t really talk about just yet.

Still, all details shall be revealed in good time. For the time being, we are very glad to be able to show off what’s been under wraps for the past few months. Despite its core focus, RESOGUN is a fun, vivid and an accessible game all around – the perfect example of “easy to pick up but hard to master”. We are deeply convinced it will bring back memories of the good old arcade-destroying days, and it will do it in Full HD and at 60 frames per second, all while you shatter the game world cube by cube.”

As mentioned, more details about RESOGUN will be shared soon!