We are currently undergoing a domain change here at InsideTheBox. With the introduction of hundreds of new top-level domain extensions comes the availability of the .reviews extension. So, we are moving the website over to its new home at http://insidethebox.reviews.

These changes are going on in the background and it is unlikely you will notice any side effects of the transfer. However, if you do experience a short period of downtime, know this is only temporary whilst the DNS records for both our original and new domain are propagating through the system. Also worth noting is the fact that ALL links from our original domain http://insidetheboxreviews.com will still work and be valid for accessing our content. The system in place means that any links using the original domain name will automatically forward to the respective link on our new domain. So, for example, if you follow a link to one of our articles using the original domain name, you will automatically be forwarded to the location of that article on our new domain.

These changes are taking place as part of our plane to constantly improve the reader experience at InsideTheBox. We hope our new, shorter domain name will allow the website address to be more memorable, easier to type and more quickly accessible to readers. If you wish to continue using the original address to access any page on our website, the system will ensure that you are correctly forwarded with ease. Thank you for using InsideTheBox and we hope you are happy with these changes.