Happy 1st Birthday to InsideTheBox!

Hello readers! Today, on our first Birthday (of many – we hope!), we are delighted to introduce our new, redesigned InsideTheBox. We’ve been working behind the scenes for weeks in order to have the redesign ready for launch on our first Birthday. In this article, we will be detailing some of the many changes made to the site.

Social Features
We want to socially integrate InsideTheBox as much as we can, so, we have added Facebook Like and Google +1 buttons to every article on the homepage, in addition to Like, +1 and Tweet buttons at the top of every article page (such as this one). We also have a sidewide +1 button in the header, along with Like and Follow buttons on the homepage, so, please click on this as much as you can if you like the content, we want as many people as possible to hear about us, and we appreciate all Likes, +1s and Tweets about our content.

We have opened commenting up to guests! You no longer need to register for a MyInsideTheBox account to comment on the website, however, we encourage you do so you can add your favourite posts to your bookshelf, earn points for commenting and visiting the site and further customise your site experience. We encourage as many people as possible to leave a comment, as we would love for discussions to take place on the site.

Slimmer Site Design
Many smaller monitors still use a 1024px wide resolution, so, we decided to move down from our previous ~1200px layout to a 1024px layout, allowing as many users as possible to have a pleasant browsing experience, without having to horizontally scroll the page. The new layout makes the site more accessible and allows for simplified layouts and better overall viewing, regardless of the monitor being used.

Simpler Design
The entire website has been given an overhaul, with a much simpler and cleaner layout being used. We have tweaked almost everything on the site, so, please take a detailed look around to see all the changes. The homepage now has a simpler layout which allows more articles to fit into the browser window. Article pages have been opened up with a large banner image a the top, along with easy flowing content underneath, in addition to our simplified comment styling.

We also also made many other aesthetic changes and minor changes to other features in an effort to make the website as usable as possible. If you have any suggestions on anything to add, or anything you don’t like, please contact us using this form; we would be happy to hear any suggestions you might have!

To round off this article, we’d like to thank all our readers for their continued visits to the site and we hope that you stick with InsideTheBox. Without you, the site would not have reached its first Birthday. We hope to continue our regular news, reviews and features far into the future and hope you’ll continue using InsideTheBox.