UPDATE: The Call of Duty MW3 developers have confirmed, via a video posted on the official site, that the 2 new FREE Xbox Live Faceoff Maps will be releasing on the 16th May, Aground and Erosion, then, on the 22nd May, the Content Collection 2 will be released and will include 3 multiplayer maps, 2 new Missions and 2 Faceoff maps.

Presumably, Xbox LIVE members with Call of Duty ELITE will receive their monthly content update next Tuesday, the 15th May. If the content collection is to release on the 22nd, the ELITE update will be one week before and always
updates on a Tuesday. Here is the trailer video;

ORIGINAL ARTICLE: For the very first time in Call of Duty history, users are getting maps for free. Activision have decided to give all MW3 players 2 new pieces of DLC free of charge. A new game mode is about to be added, Faceoff. Faceoff is going to focus on small 1v1 and 2v2 battle. ELITE users will also get 5 new pieces of content.

The new maps, Aground and Erosion will be available free to all users and will be used for small battles with a maximum of small players. These maps will presumable be small. Pictures of both are included in the gallery at the top of the article. The MW3 website explains;

“Grab a friend and experience an all-new way to play Call of Duty┬« multiplayer. Totally new to the franchise, FACE OFF distills all the fun and intensity of multiplayer into a new breed of 1 vs. 1 and 2 vs. 2 close combat. Featuring smaller, super-concentrated multiplayer maps specially designed for FACE OFF to encourage strategy, skill, and teamwork like never before.”

However, that is not all that has been revealed today. In addition to the two free Faceoff Maps, Aground and Erosion, ELITE members will receive 5 pieces of content, totaling 7 pieces for May. Contrary to the previous advertisement, these will not be 4 multiplayer maps. This month, there is just 1 multiplayer map, Oasis. In addition to the one map, we will receive 2 new Special Ops missions, Kill Switch and Iron Clad.

The final two pieces of ELITE DLC content will be two FACEOFF maps, Lookout and Getaway. The 2 Faceoff maps, 2 missions and Oasis multiplayer map will be coming very soon to XBOX 360 ELITE users.

The five pieces of DLC content this month, along with last months Sanctuary and Foundation will be the content of DLC Collection 2, coming to XBOX 360 this month.

Stick with us for more on this exciting new element that may respark interest for some who are tired of Modern Warfare 3.