Character Options are bringing a new series of Minecraft toys and papercraft sets to the market this month! A wide variety of collectible figures and crafting sets are available to purchase, in order to create your own miniature Minecraft world. Read on for more information on the products and the different items available…

In terms of the papercraft sets, there are a number of different size options available. Each set is in 1/16th scale, and offers a variety of pieces which can be crafted easily. The ‘over 30 piece sets’ each contain at least 31 pieces, and are available as the animal mob set, hostile mob set and utility pack. These sets are the smallest in the range and will retail for the price of £9.99.

The ‘over 48 piece’ sets each contain at least 49 pieces, and are available in themes of the shelter pack (snow biome) and the Minecart pack (working Minecart with TNT transportation). Both of these sets will be available at the RRP of £12.99.

Finally, the OVERWORLD DELUXE PACK is a set of over 90 papercraft pieces which will allow to you fully kit-out and complete your own custom Minecraft world. It will go to retail with a suggested price of £19.99. All three options are currently on their way to retailers, and should be available to purchase by the end of October!

The team has also decided to release a set of action figures. The 3″ action figures are of Steve, an Enderman, a Creeper and a Zombie. They are available for £7.99, and each includes its own Minecraft accessory (eg. TNT for Creeper, Pickaxe for Steve etc). Two solid action figures (Steve and Creeper) are also available for the price of £7.99. For more information, check with your nearest toy retailer to see if they will be stocking the new range. All products should be on sale by the end of the month.