EA have announced their first Dead Space 3 add-on DLC pack, Awakened, which is to be released next week on the Playstation Network and Xbox Live Marketplace. The DLC includes a new side-story separate from the main story arc which can be played in single player or co-op, along with new weapon parts and collectibles.

It has been suggested the content will be several hours long in length and directly follows the main story, straight after it finishes. According to Polygon, the new content will have more of a focus on the horror element of the franchise which was more prevalent in the original two titles. The price of the DLC will be 800MSP or $9.99 (expected €9.99/£7.99).

It is expected that it will be released on Xbox Live next Tuesday (12th March) and on the Playstation Network (13th March). We hope to bring you a review of this DLC next week once it’s released along with our review of Nazi Zombie Army, Aliens: Colonial Marines, SimCity, Tomb Raider and more!