BigFest is a game created by new start-up developers On The Metal. Created by the small team, the game allows players on the PS Vita to run, promote and host their own music concerts and try to become the biggest and best concert promoter, and turn “unknowns into superstars”…

The game’s essence is “your music, your way”. You browse and select music from a large online music catalogue, which will be regularly updated. The music you choose is more than the soundtrack to your game though. You’ll be promoting your bands, taking them from unknowns and making them super stars, giving them the tools to do their job and sharing your efforts for them with your friends – who will have an influence on how well you do. And the game will be using real bands, so along with having lots of fun, the game will be breaking real bands in the real world.

So, how do you as a player break a band? A big component is building and customising your very own festival, giving your bands the best venue to play in. It’ll take time and effort to build something to attract hundreds of Visitors to generate the Vibe to really catapult your bands forward. Maintaining it will require attention too and you’ll need to make sure you don’t overwork your chief roadie, Big Dave, and his crew, because they can only do some much at once.

The team will be sharing more information about BigFest in the coming months!