The highly anticipated upcoming sequel to Bioshock 2, Bioshock Infinite has suffered another delay after it’s previous one which brought it to February. This new delay has now set the release date in March, the 26th of March to be precise. The highly acclaimed Bioshock series is published by 2K Games and Infinite is being developed by Irrational Games.

The original two Bioshock titles were acclaimed as being masterpieces at their release and were highly popular among fans who still play the original today. These titles were developed by the in-house development teams at 2K Games, however, the development of the new entry, Bioshock Infinite has been handed over to a third party, Irrational Games.

Originally due for release in October 2012, Infinite was delayed to February 26th. 2K Games today confirmed that the delay has been extended and the release date is being pushed back to March 26th for reasons of the improvement of story, dialogue, polishing and overall adjustment of the game to deliver a more refined, enjoyable experience to fans of the series.

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