Treyarch this morning revealed the highly-anticipated, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 multiplayer mode. We have a bucket-load of confirmed information which was revealed through their conference this morning, let’s check it out….

Firstly, lets talk about the create-a-class feature, which has been completely overhauled. Instead of having a fixed class system (ie. primary weapon, secondary weapon, attachment, perks etc), now, the create-a-class system lets you prioritize on what YOU want. You are given 10 tokens/points and each item in create-a-class costs 1 point. So, if you want an extra attachment for your weapon instead of a perk, you can do that!

There are, obviously, limitations to this points system.. in order to keep fairness and balance between players, however, it does offer more customisation than ever before. On top of that, there are now WILDCARD in the create-a-class system. For example, one of the wildcards will allow extra grenades and flashbangs at the cost of 1 point… another allows 3 attachments for your weapon (1 point for card + 1 point for each attachment).

Score streaks are a new component of multiplayer. These are a replacement for killstreaks and provide a much easier way of getting the bonuses you want. The UAV was shown in the conference… it costs 300 points. You get 100 points each time you do things such as, getting a kill, capturing a flag, planting the bomb, disarming the bomb etc….

Many of the new usable weapons and streak rewards are very futuristic and sci-fi like. Plenty of the streaks are now AI controlled, however, they can also be controlled by the player, such as the tank and the turrets.

A return of classic streaks will please some, attack dogs and the RC-XD are confirmed to be making a comeback. The quadrotor and some military drones are some of the streaks which are new to the game…

The game will have 55 levels per prestige, with 10 prestige levels in the game, however, this may be increased after launch like MW3 had it’s prestige cap increased from 10, to 15, to 20. Unlock tokens (similar to prestige tokens in MW3), along with other goodies to reward people who prestige.

A new gamemode was shown, HARDPOINT, which consists of teams keeping a zone occupied as the zone changes positions randomly every so-often. It is similar to DROP ZONE in MW3, without the care packages.

The game now supports 6 TEAMS PER MATCH in certain game modes, however, there is still an 18 player maximum due to hardware limitations.

You will be excited to know… that’s not all they’ve added to multiplayer, there’s more!. A very exciting new LEAGUE MODE has been added to the game. The game will monitor your performance and put you in a specific league match with other players of your skill… as you begin to get too good for that skill level, you will be promoted. These matches are linked in the with the new eSports feature.

eSports allows you to “CODcast” (commentate) matches as you watch them take place. Players in the game can hear you commentating and Treyarch even plan to develop LIVE STREAMING apps to allow you to watch matches from a tablet device!

Treyarch also announced more new features which they just didn’t have time to explain in detail.. their new Emblem Editor, Theatre Mode improvements, a new Core & Party game mode and new Combat Training!. New challenges and more customisation are going to feature!

We told you we had a bucketload of information for you! Treyarch really have innovated on this Call of Duty game and this is set to be the biggest change ever… and all this is before we see the absolutely fantastic new ZOMBIE MODE! I can’t wait until they reveal more about that… we’ll… until next time, stick with ITB!

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