In an interview with Treyarch studio head, Mark Lamia, it was confirmed the Black Ops 2 is going to innovate on EVERY ASPECT of the Call of Duty game. New zombie modes will be added, allowing a different type of zombie game to the classic survival zombies. 8 player zombies has been confirmed along with many other new innovations.

Black Ops 2’s Zombies mode now runs on the multiplayer engine rather than the smaller zombie engine used in World at War and Black Ops 2. “We’ve actually put [zombies] inside of our multiplayer engine and it’s capable of doing twice as many zombies, twice as many co-op players.” says Mark Lamia.

“There’s classic mode that you guys are used to but there are going to be new modes. [Twice as many co-op players] introduces some interesting new gameplay modes. Perhaps you can think of some team game modes where there might be fun to be had?”

“There’s a lot there. It’s its own game mode. There’s a totally new creative fiction. We’re going for it this time on zombies.” claims Mark Lamia on these new features coming to what sounds like the best Call of Duty yet in terms of ZOMBIES (my personal favourite mode).

However, zombies are not the only change, Lamia says the game will “surprise and innovate in every area”

“You can fly quad-rotors in our game, you can drive drones, you can control drones on the battlefield as soldiers will do. A decade out you’ll have the ability to do that, which is a totally new gameplay dimension that’ll be added.” He also hints that the campaign may change based on the user’s preferences, “I think players can have some pretty different experiences playing Black Ops 2, in a way that they’ve never had with any COD game. There’s different narratives for each of the characters. There’s narratives for the villain. There’s a narrative that’s the geo-political situation that’s going on. And the choices that you make while playing the game will affect all that.”

Lamia also says this is the first time in the series that you won’t be starting the same way you did in the last Call of Duty. They say the game will be based completely differently to any other Call of Duty ever released and that everything will be changed.

“It’s very typical to start from where you left the last game. You take everything you had from the previous game and you build from there. But that’s not what we’re doing at all,” explains Vonderhaar. “Lets take all this stuff we had and strip it down to its core. Let’s challenge these long held assumptions we’ve had about how systems work. Why does create a class work the way it does. Why do killstreaks work the way they do. Why is the unlock progression exactly the way its been before. Why do we have to start with what we had before?”.

So, it looks like Treyarch are going all out to innovate the Call of Duty franchise after complaints that the series does not have enough innovation from players. Many players have complained they have already become bored of MW3 and that they are becoming tired of the Call of Duty franchise as whole, due to the fact not enough change is seen between games. Treyarch looks to fix that problem with Call of Duty Black Ops 2. This game will certainly be a day one purchase for me.

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(Source: Official Playstation Magazine UK)