Activision today revealed their first Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 DLC pack, Revolution. It offers one of the most variety-filled DLC packs of any to date. It offers not only the standard four multiplayer maps and one zombie map, but also a brand new zombie game mode, Turned, allowing you to play AS the zombies! As an added bonus, the new Peacekeeper SMG weapon has been added.

Revolution DLC pack released on Xbox 360 on January 29th, available as both a standalone purchase and as part of the SEASON PASS which offers access to all four map packs to be released over the course of the game’s life. Again, it includes 4 multiplayer maps with a new weapon and a new Zombie survival map with a new game mode, available on most, if not all survival maps*

The new multiplayer maps are called ‘Hydro’, ‘Grind’, ‘Mirage’ and ‘Downhill’. The new zombies map is known as ‘Die Rise’ and will have you playing in China in some very tight corridors. Check out the video above for more!

Never before in Call of Duty history has there been either a piece of WEAPON DLC or a new Zombies Game Mode offered outside of the standalone game. Black Ops 2 arrived to acclaim this year after rejuvenating the Call of Duty formula which fans were growing tired of. We will bring you more on this map pack as soon as we can!

Available 29th Jan on Xbox 360, other platforms releasing later. Standalone for 1200 Microsoft Points or as part of the Season Pass.

*Based on what is shown in the trailer. May not be 100% accurate.