UPDATE: This article was our April Fools hoax, Activision likely won’t be retiring their Call of Duty brand for a LONG time….

Activision confirmed today in a press release that they are to retire the Call of Duty series after a path of steady yearly releases in order to focus on new, future developments for the next generation of consoles. The series is known for its massive shifting of units and huge profit making, along with its ties with the Xbox platform, delivering DLC a month early and better performance than on the PS3.

In the press release, a spokesperson confirmed “Activision is grateful for the amazing support the Call of Duty series of first-person shooters has received from fans, but have decided to retire the series for the time being. Activision are constantly focusing on bringing innovative new titles and IPs to popular gaming platforms and have decided to free up the development power of Infinity Ward and Treyarch to allow work on brand new titles”.

The company has not confirmed any of the new titles which will be releasing as a result of the announcement, however, I am sure more will follow in the near future. Perhaps they will rebrand and relaunch their flagship FPS… only the minds at Activision, Treyarch and Infinity Ward know that for the time being.

Stick with us for more news on the next-gen, Call of Duty and the future of Activision…