The perk system for Call of Duty: Ghosts has been revealed, allowing more flexibility and more perks than ever before, with 35 perks now being available to use in the game. Players will be able to choose perks based on varying point values, and earn more points by dropping other items in your arsenal. Read on for the full details of the new system…

There are 7 perks categories in Call of Duty: Ghosts, each containing five perks of varying power and points spend. Players have 8 points to spend on perks by default, however, this can be increased to 12 by dropping your primary and secondary weapons, and your lethal and tactical grenades (in any combination of the four – eg. you can drop one to gain just 1 extra point, or 3 to gain 3 points). The perks in each category are unlocked as you reach a certain level, or you can spend squad points to unlock them early.

Take a look at the full breakdown of perks below:

Speed (this class is focused on staying ahead of the enemy, and in the lead)

Quickdraw – Aim down sight faster (1)
Sleight of Hand – Reload faster (2)
Agility – Move faster (2)
Marathon – Sprint for longer (2)
Stalker – Move faster while aiming down sights (2)

Stealth (this category is about staying out of sight and making your own approach)

Takedown – Killing enemies won’t reveal their death location to teammates (1)
Blind Eye – Provides stealth against offensive killstreaks (2)
Off the Grid –Immune to SAT-COM and radar pings (2)
Dead Silence – Make no noise (2)
Ghost – no red name when targeted (2)

Handling (handling perks help improve accuracy and actions)

Strong Arm – Throw grenades farther and decrease the cook time (1)
On the Go – Reload while sprinting (2)
Fast Hands – Switch between primary and secondary weapons quicker (2)
Steady Aim – Increased hip-fire accuracy (2)
Dexterity – Weapons are readied faster after sprinting (2)

Resistance (resistance perks increase your endurance)

Lightweight – No fall damage (1)
Painkiller – Health regenerates faster (2)
Toughness – Flinch reduced when shot (2)
Tac Resist – Flash, stun and EMP affect reduced (2)
Blast Shield – Explosive resistance increased (2)

Awareness (awareness perks focus on helping you become aware of hidden enemies or traps)

Recon – Spot enemies through hitmarkers (1)
Scavenger – Resupply from fallen players (2)
SitRep – Detect enemy equipment (2)
Awareness – Enemies sounds detected more easily (2)
Wiretap – Can hack into enemy SAT-COMs and use to your advantage (2)

Equipment (equipment perks improve your lineup of tools)

Tac Reset – Extra tactical grenade (1)
Lethal +1 – Extra lethal grenade (2)
Fully Loaded – Max ammo capacity (2)
Extra Attachments – Can have three attachments on your primary weapon. (2)
Danger Close – Increased explosive damage (3)

Elite (elite perks offer special abilities and effects)

Gambler – Random perk assigned (1)
Hardline – Less kills required for Killstreaks (2)
Ping – Killing an enemy will reveal nearby enemies (2)
Overkill – Choose two different Primary weapons (3)
Deadeye – Consecutive kills leads to more damage being dealt with guns (5)

Personally, I think the system is a fantastic change for the game, and the huge number of number perks will help players create a loadout even more custom to them. It is a great adaptation of the pick 10 system used by Treyarch, and will surely make the game more interesting. Although Call of Duty is known as the yearly rehash, we must give credit where credit is due, Black Ops 2 and Ghosts are both the most radical change to the formula yet, which is a positive step to freshen up the series. I cannot wait to get my hands on the game on Tuesday – I hope to have a current gen review for you by the end of next week, with the next gen review coming at the end of the month!