The multiplayer segment of the highly anticipated Call of Duty: Ghosts has just been revealed in a live-streamed event. New gameplay and features from the game were shown off, and we have all the important stuff recapped here, along with the gameplay video! Read on for more…

The multiplayer system for Call of Duty: Ghosts has seen a number of overhauls and changes, with some new features added, alongside a number of new game modes. First off, lets talk about customisation. Players are now offered the option of customising the appearance of their solider, giving a more realistic and personalised experience than the series had previous offered. It should allow players to feel more comfortable in game. One of the big additions here is the dawn of FEMALE SOLDIERS. This is a long requested addition to the game, which will open the series up to more female gamers. You will see a female sniper at the end of the reveal video above.

Black Ops 2’s ‘PICK 10’ system of creating classes has returned, although with a few tweaks and adjustments that will make it even better than before. Dynamic maps and things such as traps are long-overdue elements which have finally been introduced into the series. It thankfully will reduce the reliance on aerial killstreaks and bring things back to ground-based combat. The maps can be altered by in-game events, meaning that every game should be different than the last!

Cranked and Search and Rescue are two additional game modes which have been added. Cranked will be a time-based game in which you must obtain a further kill before a timer runs out, otherwise, YOU will detonate! Search and Rescue is a game which focuses on reviving teammates who have suffered at the hands of the enemies. It has been implied that revival will not be available across game modes, and will be exclusive to S&R.

Clans have made a return, but much more impressively than ever before. Clans can now take part in ‘Clan War’ games which are like tournaments, lasting around two weeks in duration with the focus of topping other clans. The winning clan will be given some cool exclusive items.

Stick with us for more coverage and a review of Ghosts when it arrives in November on PS3, Xbox 360, PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4!