Survival horror series Dead Space is about to have another entry. Dead Space 3 has been confirmed by EA in it’s recent FINANCIAL reports, along with a new Need for Speed game (what’s new). A personal favourite game franchise of mine, Dead Space offers a scary experience most games are unable to deliver.

The game is scheduled to be release in, or before March 2013. Dead Space is one of EA’s major titles. If you haven’t played the first two, I recommend you do so as soon as you can.

Siliconera spilled some details about the game quite some time ago. The game will supposedly be set on a frozen planet, however, it will begin with the usual character, Isaac Clarke and he will be in a command center of some kind. Isaac will speak with the captain and be sent on a mission to rescue a woman stranded on Tau Volantis (the frozen planet) and return her to Mars.

Isaac agrees due to the fact there is a warrant for his arrest. He decides to take the mission. The next extract is a spoiler, click “Show Spoiler” to see it.

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The following is an extract from Siliconera: Isaac has a split personality in Dead Space 3 and “Shadow Isaac” taunts Isaac every chance he gets. For example, Shadow Isaac calls Isaac an idiot after he falls into a tunnel late in the game. Isaac complains this rescue mission isn’t his mission and the shadow retorts and tells Isaac he turns his back on the wrong things. Isaac shouts to the shadow to shut up, who replies to Isaac by saying he’s making all of the noise. Dead Space 3 is going to have this kind of banter – a sarcastic shadow and Isaac crossing tongues. Players will be able to see the shadow as a separate on screen character.

Isaac (and his shadow) will come in contact with a “marker” on the frozen world in Dead Space 3 too…

So, that’s all for the Dead Space 3 rumours, stick with us for more details soon!