In a massive Dead Space 3 information leak on IGN, one of the new features rumoured to be part of the game is the long wanted co-op mode. Players will apparently be able to play the story with eachother, providing an extra helping hand to kill necromorphs. Many other changes are also coming.. continue reading for more..

Warning, this article may contain large spoilers however this information is not confirmed to be true.

According to IGN, drop-in / drop-out co-op will be available in the story. Issac with play along with a scar-faced man with red eyes in his RIG Helmet. He will act as a guide for Isaac and will assist him in navigation through a frozen ice planet.

CO-OPERATIVE MODE: Co-operative mode is identical to single-player campaign expect for the small changes to Isaac’s story which allow the co-op mode. IGN gives the example: “At one point in Dead Space 3, Isaac and his counterpart stumble, wounded, bloody, and missing chunks of armor, out of burnt wreckage together. In single-player, the same scene happens without the other character. While Isaac may have a psychological breakdown and experience hallucinations on his own, certain traumatic events don’t occur with someone by his side.”

They also mention players will have to work together using telekinesis and other powers to help eachother, also sharing a pool of ammo and health. Once one player dies however, both players restart from the last checkpoint.

WEAPONS: One of the largest changes is to the workbench. The workbench allowed users to upload their weapons, increasing ammo capacity, damage and the like. However, the bench has completely changed and due to this, all the weapons are completely different. Most weapons now have what sounds like second weapons in the them. The secondary fire of the Plasma Cutter now works like the Force Gun and this demonstrates the possible fusion of weapons in the game.

ISAAC: The RIG armor suits in Dead Space 3 have a very similar design to Dead Space 2’s and has little change. Isaac is still seeing hallucinations in the game, as with the previous two. Isaac now has the ability to crouch and hide behind small objects in the world. He also can now do a left/right roll (evasive) to dodge attacks. Telekinesis now allows the rotation of objects in Dead Space 3 which opens new ways to complete puzzles.

ENEMIES: For the first time, in addition to necromorphs, Isaac will be fighting against humans who later become necromorphs. New enemies of different large, small and giant sizes will also feature in the game.

It is clear that Dead Space 3 will be innovating on the previous 2 games quite a bit, we will have to hang on until E3 to find out the official details!