Deloitee, the appointed administrators of HMV have confirmed that from tomorrow, any previously purchases gift vouchers will be valid for purchases in store, however, hurry up and use them fast, because it may not be long before the business shuts its doors for good if a new buyer is not found. Deloitte caved in to pressure from the media and government after furious customers and disappointed officials condemned their status on gift vouchers.

It was over a week ago when HMV confirmed they were going into administration under Deloitte. Customers become furious after the firm decided that all gift vouchers were to become invalid for purchases in the store and that customers should initiate a chargeback if they bought the vouchers by credit card. Reports suggest that HMV continued selling the vouchers up until the day before administration.

Some customers decided to steal the games and leave their gift vouchers on the counter in stores after being refused acceptance of their gift vouchers. Customers who have gift cards will be happy to know they can spend them in their nearest HMV store starting from tomorrow, so, take advantage of the sales and bag a bargain in store!