Bungie and Activision have confirmed Destiny: Rise of Iron following recent leaks of its existence. Rise of Iron will be a further expansion to the Destiny base game and will require The Taken King in order to be played.

Rise of Iron will arrive on September 20th and will take place on a new area of Earth called “The Plaguelands”. The expansion will see you face off against a massive brigade of enemies, the Splicers, with the help of a legendary being called Lord Saladin.

Rise of Iron will of course feature a whole host of new weapons and armour but will also feature a brand-new raid, a new three-player co-op Strike and new maps and a mode for Crucible multiplayer. Rise of Iron will also add Felwinter Peak, a new social space.

The popular Gjallarhorn rocket launcher will also be making a return and will be available to all players who purchase Rise of Iron. A limited edition Iron Gjallarhorn will be available to those who pre-order the expansion. From the Playstation Store, it appears the expansion will cost £24.99 to pre-order.

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