DICE have released a new trailer for Battlefield 4 showing off a new concept; LEVOLUTION. This technology means that no two multiplayer matches in Battlefield 4 will ever be the same, thanks to new environmental changes. Read on for more information on the concept, and to watch the trailer…

There will be a number of permanent and temporary environmental changes which can be made in Battlefield 4, which, according to DICE, vary from settings off alarms to destroying skyscrapers. Through this concept, the players will have more control over the maps and environment than ever, and it is all thanks to the stunning FROSTBYTE 3 engine.

64 players will be under the orders of two commanders in each match, and, due to the this, alongside LEVOLUTION, DICE claim that there will never be a case where two matches are identical. The game very impressively runs at 60FPS, especially due to the advanced engine, features and mechanics. Battlefield 4 is looking set to become one of the most revolutionary and impressive online shooters ever created, and I can’t wait to get my hands on it! DICE showed the example of a multiplayer match where a player can take out the power, leaving players in complete darkness.

Stick with us for more from the impressive Battlefield 4 and the rest of the gamescom!