Following the warm reception that indie game Unravel received at E3 last year, EA has decided to launch its own indie program. EA Originals will give indie developers financial, development and marketing assistance in launching their games through EA Publishing. EA has promised that game profits will return to the developer for further investment in development projects.

The first title which will launch through this program will be Fe, a game from a new studio by Klaus Lyngeled. Klaus worked with Zoink Games whose previous releases include Stick it to the Man and Zombie Vikings. Fe follows a small fox-like animal who is unsure of his purpose in the strange world around him. Fe appears isolated and alone at the start of the game and the developer states that the game will explore “our relationship with nature”.

The game features no dialogue whatsoever and much emphasis has been placed on telling the story through environmental design and theming. The enemies in the game are called the “Silent Ones” and wish to spread silence through the world. Each creature in the game has its own song which will represent its personality.

Check out the trailer below to see the game in action!