A massive portion of EA’s keynote at E3 this year was dedicated to showing us what sports games would look like on next gen consoles.

Boasting features such as “Emotional Intelligence” , “Authentic Player Visuals” and improved Agility & Control features, FIFA 15 is set to be the best football game around.

I’m not much of a UFC guy, but seeing Bruce Lee in the Latest EA Sports UFC game is undeniably cool. Be sure to check out 1:10 in the trailer where Bruce pulls off a sweet wall kick.

Thanks to GamesHQMedia for the video

NHL 2015 was also shown, giving us a look at the improvements coming to to the popular hockey game series. Like FIFA and UFC, the game will be running on an updated engine will all new levels of realism. We are getting closer and closer to crossing the line between gaming and reality when it comes to EA’s innovation in sport.

Fans of PGA Tour will be happy to know that the game is running on Frostbyte 3, becoming the first sports game ever to do so. You will be able to enjoy fantasy courses with passing Battleships in the background. Check out the trailer below if you want to see what we are talking about!