The Elder Scrolls Online was delegated a fair amount of time during Bethesda’s E3 conference this year, with several different announcements made for the MMO which currently has over 7 million players.

This coming week, players can expect the Dark Brotherhood questline which allows access to the Dark Brotherhood guild and climb the ranks of these mighty assassins. While I know nothing of the current Dark Brotherhood questlines already present in the Elder Scrolls online, I’ve seen the Dark Brotherhood questline in Oblivion come up numerous times as one of the best moments in any Elder Scrolls game and hope that this DLC will be able to reach those heights.

But perhaps the bigger announcement (Which is why I made it the title of this article) is the introduction of level scaling throughout the entire Elder Scrolls Online world for all players. This means that players won’t have to worry about enemies being too high a level for them and remove any restrictions in place that would stop lower leveled characters from exploring the world. As someone who is into the non-MMO Elder Scrolls games, this is exciting news as I could enjoy the game without having to worry about MMO restrictions and systems that I wouldn’t be familiar with. This is an announcement that all Elder Scrolls fans can get a little excited about, not just Elder Scrolls online fans.

With this and the remastered Skyrim on the Horizon, how long till we see another main-line Elder Scrolls game? Stay tuned to Inside The Box for more E3 coverage.