Evolution showed off something they’ve been waiting a long time to develop, DRIVECLUB. DRIVECLUB is a racing game, however, it’s a racing game with a crazy amount of detail. Textures have been rendered in certain ways to make things such as the threading design of the bonnet, the design of the car lights and the brushing of the car seats hyper-realistic. Read on for more details and a teaser…

Evolution have gone to extremes to make this game THE most realistic racing game ever created. Each car is crafted EXACTLY like its real life counterpart, and the game shows the player getting into the car, strapping in and starting up, rather than the player being in their car from the get-go, as most racing games will do. so as to minimize the level of work necessary to make cars appear realistic.

The game concept was established 10 years ago, the name trademarked 9 years ago, but EVOLUTION had to wait for the hardware required to power a game with always-on social connectivity, massive rendering powers and the ability to show the finest details.

It is clear the development team have been working very hard at making this game a success, we’ll be keeping you updated on this one! Stick with InsideTheBox for all your PS4 coverage.