In a bizarre decision by some of the staff at SCEE, it has been decided that a new Ice White PSP E-1000 should be released to assist in those failing Vita sales. This is not a joke… it is actually real!

Yes, you did hear me correctly, a new Ice White PSP is being released by SCEE. It seems they almost want the PS Vita to fail. It is not getting a lot of support as of recent and very few mega-games have been released for the console.

SCEE thought they would fix this issue by releasing a new PSP. Here is the release;

Portable gaming on the PSP-E1000 is about to get a lot cooler with the arrival of the brand new Ice White body colour. Set for release in July priced at just £89.99/€99.99 (RRP), the Ice White PSP-E1000 is a great value summer gaming essential and the best way to access the entire PSP catalogue of games. With a great range of accompanying PSP Essential titles that will be available for £9.99/€9.99 (RRP) each, there has never been a better time to game on the go and enjoy immersive high quality gaming experiences at an affordable price.

The line-up PSP Essential games offers gamers of all ages not only the best value, but also the quality gaming experiences and biggest franchises that PlayStation is known for. Titles now available that are perfectly suited to the brand new Ice White PSP include InviZimals, and Invizimals: Shadow Zone, the first and second instalment in the successful InviZimals series uses AR to enable you to literally hunt down, capture, battle, customise and trade the magical monsters living in the world all around you.

So, instead of encouraging you to buy a PS Vita for summer gaming, they have this old model PSP. Yes… well… I don’t know what to say..

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