The highly anticipated Far Cry 3 launches this month in Europe on November 30th and arrives in the US on December 4th. The game is due to bring an updated, enhanced single and multiplayer experience than delivered in Far Cry 3. Read on for more information from the game…

Far Cry 3 is an open-world shooter game where the objective is to escape a tropical island inhabited by crazy locals. The game features a single player campaign and multiplayer mode. One of the returning features is the sandbox mode, which allows players to create and modify multiplayer maps which can be used for playing with friends. This was present in Far Cry 2, however, the third entrance into the series will provide an even more powerful set of tools to allow more customised maps.

As if the game didn’t have enough value packed in, the game was also confirmed to include a co-operative campaign with it’s own unique missions and characters in addition to the single player campaign.

Far Cry 3 is due to receive critical-acclaim and we hope to have a review online very soon after the launch, so, stick with us for more Far Cry 3 coverage!