Microsoft surprised gamers today with the revelation that FIFA 14 will be bundled free with all Xbox One: Day One edition consoles. Presumably trying to offer more value for the price tag to bring the console closer to Sony’s offering, Microsoft have partnered with EA for the deal.

FIFA 14 is the latest upcoming release in the highly-anticipated and popular soccer game series. Microsoft are sure to entice a few people to buy the Xbox One with the game bundled in, however, remember the console is more expensive than the PS4, and the PS4 will come bundled with DriveClub if you buy the online PS Plus subscription which will offer multiplayer and one free game every month on the Playstation 4.

FIFA 14 will also have some exclusive Xbox One content; the LEGENDS mode which will be featured within Ultimate Team. This will allow you to buy ex-football legends to add to your team.

Microsoft are revealing most of their gamescom news this morning, so, stick with us as we bring you all the announcements!