Sony have revealed the first advertisement in their Playstation 4 marketing campaign. It is clear Sony has been doing great recently – they have listened to customers with the PS4 and made it available at a reasonable price and have really upped their game for the new generation, and their ad campaigns have begun to show that.

Sony’s live action advertisements have got bigger and better since they began only a year ago and were a much needed improvement over the terrible ads Sony originally produced for the PS3. It is clear from their recent handling of things – both with the PS3 at the end of its life, and the fantastic, consumer-centric PS4 due for release this year – that Sony mean business. Their effective, assertive ad campaigns match their impressive innovations which have been shown over the last few months at various conferences.

Even though the PS4 is very close, Sony have by no means given up on the Playstation 3, in fact, quite the opposite. We scored Sony’s recently published The Last of US 10/10 in our review due to the fact the game is a masterpiece and pushes the PS3 to its absolute limits.

So, stick with us for more upcoming next gen news and the latest from E3!