InsideTheBox will, as always, be here to cover gamescom 2013 as things heat up on the floor between Microsoft and Sony as we approach the final hurdle of the lead up to the next generation console launches. Both companies are expected to reveal their release plans, and a variety of third party publishers will reveal new projects for the platform. We will be covering the Sony, Microsoft and EA conferences with live news updates and live streaming on our website, and we’ll be tweeting on the side at @Inside_TheBox.

It’s that time of year again; the gaming world is focusing all its attention on Cologne, Germany as the gaming companies show off their latest projects to the public. This year, however, we have a particularly more exciting gamescom as the console manufacturers show their new hardware, and third party developers demonstrate what they’ll be bringing TO that new hardware.

The EA conference kicks off tomorrow (20th August) at 3pm in the UK, 4pm elsewhere in Europe and 7am across the pond in pacific time. EA are expected to demonstrate their upcoming EA Sports offerings, such as FIFA 14, alongside the amazing-looking Battlefield 4, Titanfall and Need for Speed: Rivals. The Sims 4 is also going to be revealed by the published this year at gamescom. We will be showing the EA conference live on the site, with all the announcements being posted on the site. We’ll also be Tweeting throughout all the conferences!

Now, if you are looking forward to the Sony conference, I am with you on that one, so, join us here at 10am in the pacific, 6pm in the UK and 7pm in Europe (20th August) to see more announcements and games for Sony’s well received Playstation 4. The company have also confirmed that they will be revealing the release date for the Playstation 4 console during their conference. We also expect some PS Vita and Playstation 3 news, alongside at least one or two new games coming to each of these platforms. Expect to see Killzone, Infamous, The Order: 1866 and some new PS4 exclusives, including Media Molecule’s PS4 project. Again, we will be streaming the conference live on the site, with news posts and tweeting throughout.

Finally, for those looking to see more 180s by Microsoft, we will unfortunately have to disappoint. For unknown reasons, Microsoft are not streaming their conference and will only be allowing the announcements out after the conference. So, we will Tweet news as we get it, and post all the announcements as soon as they hit us. Microsoft have faced bad press backlash, and consumer anger after their Xbox One policies, and constant indecisiveness regards such policies, were badly received. Could it be for this reason that Microsoft will not be streaming their conference; because they are afraid of consumer reaction? We will see tomorrow (20th August) when the show kicks off…

In addition to these conferences, we will also have a number of announcements from Activision, 2K, Ubisoft, Square Enix, Blizzard, Konami, Bethesda, Deep Silver and a large number of other developers and publishers. We will of course be covering all these announcements in detail, and Tweeting about the shows.

Stick with us for all our gamescom coverage, we’ll make sure that everything gets reported. Follow us on Twitter (@Inside_TheBox) and Google Plus, and Like us on Facebook (all links in the header) to make sure you get all of our news!