The ad, apparently shown in the Cardiff HMV store only depicts a Photoshopped original E3 2010 model 3DS which has an extra “Circle Pad” built-in, along with several other changes.

What makes the advertisement even more embarrassing for HMV staff is the information displayed beside the advertisement, which clearly contradicts the image advert, even saying “There’s no second circle pad, though”.

The image advertises Second Circle Pad (Ideal for left-handed players), New Stylus Placement (For better ease of use), 82% bigger screens (The XL in fact features 90% bigger screens).

The image also completely begins to talk utter nonsense near the end, saying the XL is available in Vulcano Red (that is NOT a typo) and Ivory White.

Where HMV staff in the store even got this information to begin with is beyond me, however, official HMV marketing staff have stated that this advertisement was not authorised for use in the store..

We’ll keep you updated on this fiasco!