Hello readers! We have spent the last two months contacting various companies in the PC hardware business in regards to supporting us in a new feature, a PC Build feature. Thankfully, we’ve had great support from many partners thus far such as Seagate, Gigabyte, Sandisk, LiteOn, ADATA, Linksys and several others. We are trying to secure as many products as possible to offer the broadest range of choices as we can, in order to decide the best.

Over the course of June and July, we will be running reviews of many different types of PC components and accessories such as: SSDs, RAM, motherboard(s), Hard Drives (internal and external), Blu-Ray reader/writer(s), processor(s), cases, power supplies, networking hardware and many other products, such as mobile storage solutions. We haven’t finalized our full product lineup as of yet, as we are still in talks with many companies in regards to the sampling of their products. We hope to add to the list as we move along.

After we have reviewed most of the products, we will kick off the actual PC Build articles. In these articles, we will select the best components and accessories to use in building your own PC. We will offer a few build suggestions, including a high-end gaming PC and a mid-range gaming PC. We will also provide the best price of the components (as of time of posting) at a reliable retailer.

We will be starting with external solutions due to the fact we have not yet got all the parts to make a PC in our possession (however, we aren’t far off!). The feature will begin tomorrow (03 June 2013) with a review of the Seagate Backup Plus Portable 1TB USB3.0 external hard drive. Seagate have been very kind to us by sending several storage solutions, including three external drives and one internal drive. We also hope to bring you reviews of their new SSDs later in the feature (along with SSDs from many other manufacturers – we have Sandisk, ADATA and Plextor SSDs sitting in our drawer at the moment!).

I hope you enjoy our upcoming PC Build feature on the site – we certainly can’t wait to build a new high end PC (which, by the way, will be used for future PC game reviews). Fear not, however, if you aren’t interested in PC building as we will still be offering reviews of all the latest video game releases!. We hope you stick with InsideTheBox as we try to offer diverse, interesting content to our readers!

Thanks for reading, please join us tomorrow for our first review in the PC Build series!