The brand new dedicated gaming and enterprise tablet, the Wikipad, will be going on sale very soon. The Wikipad brings console gaming to a tablet and provides a unique experience not available on other tablets. It was due to launch today, however, the company are making last minute upgrades to the bundle and will be offering a bonus for those who pre-ordered.

The Wikipad is a 10.1″ tablet, however, it also includes a dedicated controller dock, which brings the standard set of controller buttons to the tablet, available for use with Android games. The control is detachable, so the tablet can be used for other purposes without the extra weight of the controller.

Playstation Mobile is also officially available on the device through a partnership with Playstation, and Wikipad plans to extend this partnership to incorporate Gaikai once the revamped service is launched by Sony. OnLive and the wealth of games available on the Android Play Store are also compatible with the device and it’s control.

The device retails for $499.99 and includes the controller attachment. It has an nVidia 1.4GHz quad-core processor, along with a 1280×800 Gorilla Glass screen (16:10 aspect ratio). The tablet runs Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) and comes in a single model of 16GB, with an additional 32GB supported through the Micro-SD slot.

This device looks as if it will be an excellent product, despite the high price tag. We hope to bring you a review of the device, however, we are awaiting confirmation from Wikitab as to whether or not we will be getting our hands on a review unit.

The tablet was due to launch today, however, a last minute opportunity to enhance the product and offer even better value for customers has come to light and the team has decided to delay the product to allow this to go forward. A special bonus will be offered to those who pre-ordered the through to the end of today.

You can pre-order the Wikipad now in the US through Gamestop by clicking here.

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