Sony have announced TWO new Killzone: Shadow Fall bundles for PS4, both packing in fantastic value for money, especially the “mega bundle”. Both are in limited quantity, but existing pre-orders will be given the option to upgrade first before the remaining stock (if any) becomes available as new pre-order stock. Read on for more info on the bundles…

The first of the two bundles will be the Killzone: Shadow Fall PS4 Bundle (standard) which will include the Playstation 4 console, the usual Dualshock 4 controller, mono headset, relevant cables plus a RETAIL (DISC) copy of Killzone: Shadow Fall. The bundle will be available for the price of €439 across Europe (an RRP saving of €20) with UK prices not being available, as they are set from retailer to retailer. It will be available alongside the launch of the PS4 console and Killzone: Shadow Fall.

The second bundle, which catches my eye in particular, is the Killzone: Shadow Fall PS4 Mega-Bundle. This bundle includes the Playstation 4 console, TWO Dualshock 4 controllers, the Playstation 4 Camera, a mono headset, the relevant cables and finally a RETAIL (DISC) copy of Killzone: Shadow Fall. The bundle will be available for the impressive price of €499, with a whopping saving of approximately €100 over buying the items individually.

The Sony UK Boss, Fergal Gara spoke to Eurogamer about the bundles:

“I can officially confirm that the answer is yes [Sony will bring the bundle to the UK], It’ll be similarly benchmarked in euro equivalent. PlayStation 4 is £349 and €399, so it will be the same equivalent. It will be no more than a tenner either way [of the Xbox One £429 UK price] depending on what conversation rate we use on the given day. It [the mega bundle] is in limited volume, and therefore it is probably going to go mainly to current pre-order customers, then follow-up volume may well be post-Christmas, but there are other bundles that also represent incredibly good value. It’s not just about having a good base price. We want to offer value in every way we can. Starting yesterday, our retail partners are contacting their pre-order customers in order, so starting with the first, working up to when they run out of that special bundle, saying, we now have clarity on exactly what PlayStation 4 bundles we have to offer for day one. Would you like option A, B, C or D?

“Everybody who has pre-ordered in the expectation they’re getting just the PS4, including the DualShock 4 and the headset – the basic configuration. But as we’ve worked through the details and worked through the options we’ve come up with some great bundle offers. And it is only fair the first people in the queue get first chance to get that. It’s a brilliant thing to do for the gamer. In theory there could be some free on day one, but I think it’s unlikely, because the people in that queue are going to say yes please.”

Keep an eye on your pre-order retailer to see if you can get an upgrade!