You may have heard the news that Konami are not going to be patching the Xbox 360 version of SILENT HILL HD, despite the fact the games uses unfinished code which is not complete. The game is broken and Konami have refused to fix it.

Obviously consumers are outraged. Konami promised the game would be patched and fixed months ago, however, they recanted that statement less than a week ago and are no longer paying to publish a patch on Xbox 360.

They claim they do not have the “resources” to patch the Xbox 360 version of the classic collection and offered an apology: “Konami apologizes to any players who are continuing to experience these issues on the Xbox 360 SKU”.

Konami, however, appears to have had enough of the complaints since then and have begun offering a free game or exchange for users of the Xbox 360 version. Some users have been offered a free copy of the PS3 version of the game (which has been patched and fixed), while others have been told they can get an exchange if they hold proof of purchase.

Should you retain a copy of your receipt dated before 08.08.2012, and it was purchased new from a recognized retailer, we may be able to offer you an exchange if you no longer wish to keep your copy of Silent Hill HD Collection for the Xbox 360.

Some users have not been so lucky though and were offered an apology by email, rather than a replacement copy. If you have been affected by this, I suggest you contact Konami until they give you a replacement, or try with your retailer to get a full refund.