LittleBigPlanet Vita, the highly anticipated VITA version of the amazingly successful PS3 series has now gone into beta phase, and it is open for everyone to register for. Not all applicants will receive a beta key, however, you best register and be in with a chance.

The EU Playstation Blog and US Playstation Blog have announced availability for the beta. However, not all European countries have access. The beta is only available to citizens of; North America, The United Kingdom, The Republic of Ireland, New Zealand, Australia and the United Arab Emirates.

MEMBERS OF NORTH AMERICA: Click here and enter your details to enroll.


1. – Copy this URL into your browser windows and paste.
2. Login with your SEN/PSN account details.
3. The page will say you do not have access, however, do not worry, just paste the url above in Step 1 again.
4. Fill in the details and submit!

Thanks to everyone for visiting InsideTheBox, good luck with your applications.