InsideTheBox will be providing live coverage, a stream and news coverage on the site to cover the all-but-confirmed reveal of the next generation PlayStation 4 home console tomorrow night at 11pm (Wed 20th February). Just visit the site, and, from midnight tonight, our live hub will be available on the homepage of the site, as well as with each article on the site.

A blue expandable box will appear on the homepage from midnight tonight. This is our Playstation Meeting 2013 live hub, consisting of a live stream (we hope one will be available to us, we are still waiting for 100% confirmation on this, however, we believe one will be available) , live updates of the meeting and a twitter feed, showing the top tweets regarding #playstation2013.

We’re looking forward to seeing what Sony has to offer, so make sure you join us back here tomorrow for the lead up to the Playstation 4 reveal and live coverage of the entire event, here on InsideTheBox.

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