After the shocking reveal of Tearaway, a game which hadn’t a single leak.. nobody even expected that MediaMolecule would have a second project on the way… but.. they do! MediaMolecule are working on a second title (presumably Next-Gen).

Alex Evans an Mark Healy from MediaMolecule made the following statement to EUROGAMER, confirming they are in fact working on a second title, however, it is only in the very early stages:

We’re working on a second project right now, and that’s very much in an R&D phase. The focus is Tearaway, but Media Molecule is a lot more than 15 people. We call it in a holding pattern because the focus is on Tearaway. I’m not saying that from a press angle – our focus is on Tearaway and making it awesome. The other project is very much in an early stage and is a toy. You don’t need to worry about it.

Very exciting news.. stick with us for more!