Hey guys! Just wanted to throw something up on the site today about a fantastic service called Parcel Motel. Nightline have created this service to allow busy workers to store their parcels in a locker and collect when convenient for them, however, there are many, many more beneficial uses of the service, which I would like to illustrate today.

Parcel Motel costs €3.50 per stay, which lasts up to 48 hours. There are various sizes of lockers available, going from small packet-sized slots, up to large lockers capable of holding kitchen appliances or games consoles. The real benefit to me, however, is nothing to do with the ‘collect when convenient aim’. The real benefit is faster and far, far cheaper postage prices which are accessed using the service.

The key to this cheap, fast postage is the fact that Parcel Motel also operate in the UK and have a Northern Ireland address. This Northern Ireland address can be used by those in the Republic of Ireland to have their parcels delivered to. This means that those in the Republic of Ireland can benefit from cheap, fast UK delivery, rather than having to pay UK->Ireland delivery prices, which is outstandingly great value.

The example I am using comes from last weekend. I was expecting a packet from Amazon to arrive at Parcel Motel, after it had been sent by free FIRST CLASS UK delivery. It had been dispatched on Friday afternoon, and arrive with them at around 11am on Saturday morning. To my surprise, the package very speedily left their office, heading towards the Dublin depot. The packet ended up in my locker at 11pm on that Saturday night, ready for me to collect. If that isn’t an outstanding service, I do not know what is.

The total cost of the delivery above was the €3.50 Parcel Motel fee. I was able to avail of Amazon’s free first class delivery for pre-order games. If I had wanted the packet to arrive to my doorstep on Saturday (which was the game’s release date), I would have had to pay ~£20 for Amazon’s express delivery to Ireland. This represents a saving of approximately €20 from using Parcel Motel, and the item still arrived with me on release day. If I had used Super Saver, I would be waiting until Thursday by standard mail.

I just thought it might be worthwhile to let people know about this great service, especially those in the Republic of Ireland like myself, to whom it may be great benefit! You can head on over to Parcel Motel’s website now at http://parcelmotel.com/ for more information, and to get started with your package shipments! I will certainly be getting more deliveries through this method in the future!