Evolution took the stage during Sony’s Playstation Gamescom conference to show some of the features which have been added to the upcoming Driveclub. As most of you will know, Driveclub was originally intended to launch on the PS4 as a Playstation Plus game, but was delayed until October 2014.

The dynamic weather will be a large part of Driveclub on the PS4. It will change the dynamics of the race, will different types of weather affecting the cars and tracks differently. This means every race will be different from the last. Social features are also a big part of Driveclub. Clubs in Driveclub will allow you and your friends to share racing rewards and unlocks. You will also be able to keep up to date with everything your friends are doing on the My Driveclub app.

Driveclub will launch on October 8th in Europe (10th in UK), with the Playstation Plus free download version presumably becoming available in the same week.