A new platform game exclusive to the PS4 was announced at last night’s PlayStation Meeting 2013, that game was Knack. Knack looks rather like something Disney might output, a lovely style of graphics that truly looks like CGI and proves the power of the revolutionary PlayStation 4. We have a trailer, some screenshots and a bit of info to share with you about Knack, so, read on for more…

Knack is being directed by Mark Cerny, the lead system architect for the PlayStation 4 and a video game designer previously associated with Jak and Daxter, Crash Bandicoot and Ratchet and Clank, so, it is true to say, Mark knows this machine, he played a large hand in building its architecture. Knack is focused on the fun behind platform gaming and Mark wants it to be a bit different.

The Doctor (a not-so-mad scientist) studied ancient relics from a long lost civilization for many years, and finally found a way to bind them together and give them consciousness. The result is Knack, a creature with mysterious powers – for one, he can incorporate more relics into his body as he finds them, which allows him to transform from a three-foot tall creature into a gigantic wrecking machine.

During the game, Knack also discovers that he has a skill (in other words, a knack!) that allows him to incorporate ice, metal and other substances into his body, giving him new abilities from level to level. The result is gameplay which is a little bit like Crash Bandicoot, and a little bit like Katamari Damacy, in that the Knack can get quite large indeed. There’s also a touch of God of War in there, in that there is an epic feel to the game in places.

As for the story, mankind is threatened by a resurgent goblin army and Knack steps forward to protect them – until it becomes clear that an even greater danger is posed by elements of the human community. Much more information about KNACK will be shared soon, for now, enjoy the screenshots below. Stick with InsideTheBox for all the PS4 coverage!