Level 5 hosted an event in which they revealed many of their new titles which are currently in development, including a new game in the Professor Layton game.

Lady Layton: The Millionaire Ariadone’s Conspiracy will be the first Professor Layton game which does not feature the Professor as the main character. Instead, Katrielle Layton will head up the game which will mark a departure from the classic puzzle-solving focus which Professor Layton is widely known for. Lady Layton will revolve around solving entire cases with less focus on individual puzzle solving.

The signature art style of Professor Layton which is known and loved by many of its fans can be seen immediately in the trailer below.

The game will launch on Nintendo 3DS, iOS and Android in 2017 with a Japanese launch coming in the Spring and elsewhere getting the game later in the year. As a big Layton fan, the trailer has me excited that we may get a real Layton experience on iOS and Android!