Mark Cerny is not only PS4’s lead system architect, but, he is also directing his own game which is being developed by Cerny himself, in conjunction with a team from Sony’s Japan Studio. Even more impressive is the fact this will be a launch title! Gamescom brought us another teaser from Knack, so you can see more of what to expect from the finished title!

Knack was the first title to be revealed for the Playstation 4; as Cerny announced it himself back in February at the PS4 reveal event. The trailer shows a lot more of the story of the game, and shows the game in a much more impressive way than previous trailers for the game have. Personally, I cannot wait for this title, as it seems to have been inspired by Ratchet and Clank, Jak and Daxter and other fantastic past Sony platformers.

Knack is a PS4 exclusive and will be available on November 29th. It is compatible with remote play on PS Vita.