UPDATE: – 11/6/14 Naughty Dog have released some new details about the game in an interview with the Playstation Blog. In the interview, they discuss how the power of the PS4 is allowing them to create things they only dreamt of in the past.

In the interview, embedded above, they also discuss how some of the techniques they learned while crafting The Last of Us will be integrated into Uncharted 4, allowing them to create a game which connects more emotionally with the player. Despite this, the game will still have as much action as ever. Check out the interview above for more details & a few hints at the story!

ORIGINAL – 10/6/14: A new trailer has been released for Naughty Dog’s upcoming “Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End”, the highly anticipated fourth entry into the main Uncharted series, to release on the Playstation 4. The game has been confirmed to be releasing during 2015.

The title of the game suggests that this could be Nathan Drake’s last outing. This is supported by the fact Drake looks tired, older and less capable in the trailer. The footage has been captured from the Playstation 4, and the graphical performance is likely the best we have seen on the console to date. Drake’s appearance blurs the line between gaming and reality and if the final game looks this good, we are in for a treat! Check out the exciting and striking trailer below:

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