Hello everyone, thanks to all who joined us during our live blog/live stream of Nintendo Direct. We are now going to roundup all the new WiiU information which will revealed during the Pre-E3 Nintendo Direct, hosted by Iwata from Japan.

Firstly, he told us that the E3 conference will mostly feature WiiU games, so the Nintendo Direct conference was used for the purpose of revealing WiiU console information.

He began by revealing the redesign of the WiiU controller, now known as the WiiU Gamepad (which has been inherited from the name given to the NES controller). We reported this a few weeks ago from a leaked picture. As we reported, the two CirclePads on the WiiU Gamepad have now been replaced by full, clickable analogue sticks. Also featuring on the new controller is a scanner which can scan cards and the like. The shape has been redesigned for a more comfortable feel.

Another cool feature of the WiiU Gamepad is it’s ability to be used as a fully functional infrared TV remote. It can be used to turn on and off, change channel and, of course, change input to the WiiU and other connected devices.

He also mentioned the fact the controller had implemented gyroscope and motion control functionality. Another comfort to fans was that the new console fully supported previous Wii controllers – the Wiimote, Nunchuk and Wii Balance Board.

Introduced was a completely new controller for new fans, the WiiU Pro Controller. It is essentially equal to a Dualshock 3 or Xbox 360 controller and was shown off in a black colour.

Now we have got rid of those announcements, let’s get to the really cool features…


Iwata, for the first time introduced the MiiVerse in today’s conference. The MiiVerse is a social platform for gaming on the WiiU. It allows users to display their Mii characters to their friends and socialise.

When the WiiU is first turned on, you will be brought to the MiiVerse. It will gather many, many Miis underneath game icons. These icons represent the games those users are currently playing. Not only does it show your friends, but Miis from your country and other countries with the same language also appear.

Above these Miis, many speech bubbles will be spotted, these are active conversation excepts taken from friends.

That leads us to the next part, Instant Messaging. In your party of friends, you can share either text based comments, or handwritten ones directly in from your game. More exciting that that, you can instantly share a screenshot with your friends in-game. Iwata even topped that; the WiiU will support functionality for creating custom content in-game and then sharing that content with friends for use in their games, all while in-game.

Another thing he announced was that soon after launch, the MiiVerse would be added to 3DS and all web-enabled devices, so you can message friends and see what they are playing at all times! It is intended to be used on the 3DS, WiiU and future Nintendo platforms.

Video Chat

Another feature of the WiiU is in-game video chat. Your game can be paused and you can choose one of your friends to do a video call with. The WiiU gamepad is used as the camera and the TV screen shows the person you are talking to.

It all fits into Nintendo’s vision of connecting people using the WiiU. That was pretty much everything of importance from the announcement. I am sure we will hear a lot more about the WiiU over the coming days during Nintendo’s E3 press conference.

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